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A Research Guide for Beginners

A Guide for New Students

Tools & Features


HeinOnline’s ScholarCheck is a series of tools and features integrated throughout HeinOnline to help researchers quickly locate related material throughout the interface. It allows users to view articles and cases which have a heavy influence on the subject being researched.


  • Analyzes the most-cited journals, articles, and authors
  • Enables users to view and access articles and cases cited by other articles and cases, and to see how many times an article has been accessed by other HeinOnline users within a rolling 12-month period
  • Provides inline hyperlinking so users can quickly access related material across HeinOnline and Fastcase content
  • Allows users to sort search results by most-cited and most-accessed content
  • Calculates metrics for ranking scholarly authors and displays these metrics in Author Profile Pages

From both search results and from within HeinOnline and Fastcase documents, easily link to lists of articles and cases that cite the current article. Users may also view how many times the article has been accessed by other HeinOnline users within a rolling 12-month period. This helps the user retrieve the most accurate and relevant search results, as well as to see what's trending in legal research. Within documents, citations and websites will appear as blue highlighted hyperlinks. 


ScholarCheck in Author Profiles

ScholarCheck is an integral part of author profile pages in HeinOnline. Metrics counted for each author include:

  • Number of times cited by articles (total)
  • Number of times cited by cases
  • Number of times accessed
  • Number of times cited by articles in the past 10 years
  • Number of times cited by articles within the past 1-2 years

The following metrics are counted but do not contribute to the author’s overall rank:

  • Average number of citations per article
  • Number of self-citations
Learn more about ScholarCheck with this PDF guide.

Creating an Account

MyHein is HeinOnline’s personal research tool. Bookmark articles, save search queries, set up eTOC alerts, and more.
To create an account, use the MyHein drop-down from the upper right side of any page in HeinOnline and select Create an Account.
After creating your account, you will receive an email confirming your username and password. To access your MyHein account, you must be logged into HeinOnline. Click Login from the MyHein option to access your personal research account from any HeinOnline account.


Bookmarks can be created from search results or from within a document. From search results, click Save to MyHein from an individual result, or select several results to save them all at once. To save a bookmark from inside a document, click the blue bookmark icon. Bookmarks can be saved to multiple tags.

Citation Navigator

The fastest way to find an article in the Law Journal Library is by using its citation within the Citation Navigator. From within the database, click the “Citation” tab above the search bar. Copy and paste a direct citation into the bar and click search. 

Click the "Citation Navigator" link beneath the main search bar to open additional options. Enter a volume number and start typing a journal's abbreviation to see a convenient drop-down list of potential title matches appear. From this area, you can also access the Classic Citation Navigator.

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