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Request a Ballot by State

2022 Guide for how to request a mail-in ballot

Request a Ballot - Kansas

As of June 23, 2022

Voter ID Required:   If you do not have ID, can help:



Requesting a Ballot

  • You must either include the number from your valid Kansas Driver's License or non-driver ID or include a copy of your alternate ID with your application: You must include a copy of your photo ID with your application from those listed here:
  • There is “no excuse” absentee ballot voting - called Early Advanced Voting by Mail
  • Forms:  These forms must be printed, signed, and sent to the appropriate county clerk, listed on the form.


  • Be sure that your signature matches the signature on file with the state (so, if you include a middle initial or not, for example).
  • Ballots must be POSTMARKED no later than the day before the election and RECEIVED by the Friday following the election.   To return by hand, contact your county election official to find the locations:
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