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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

All members of the CTX Faculty and Staff were invited to share a book (or two) they have recently read on diversity and inclusion. Scholarly Articles and Essays were also included.

Name of selector

Richard Allen



Using the phrase "in the wake" as a cipher, Christina Sharpe analyzes the myriad of ways chattel slavery, Jim Crow, and anti-Blackness have affected and continue to affect Black life in North America. 

This is a sobering read. It brutally but carefully presents the historical and present ways Black life remains "in the wake" of slavery. I recommend it because we need to be confronted with the honest truth and Christina's methodology leaves you penitent. 

We need voices that exist outside mainstream discourse and Christina Sharpe, among others, represents a small but burgeoning movement known as "Afropessimism." Their wariness toward progress in the fight against racism should sober our idealism and remind us of how potent these evils are. 

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