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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

All members of the CTX Faculty and Staff were invited to share a book (or two) they have recently read on diversity and inclusion. Scholarly Articles and Essays were also included.

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Cindy Melendez



Following the journey of twin brothers who immigrated from El Salvador to the United States, the author offers a unique perspective on immigration that weaves in the experience of two teenage boys while explaining the history, process, and legalities of immigration, especially the long-lasting effect of a small country's civil war and how it spilled from generation to generation. 

I started to read this book as my parents were born in El Salvador and I wanted to learn more about their home country. I continued to read it because it transitioned from a world that I never lived into a world that I lived in every day. It made me widely aware of the intricacies of immigration from two very different countries.  

 When we begin to understand the background and layers of an individual, as we get to when reading through this book, we develop a nuanced view  of the interactions that we participate in every day.  This hopefully allows us to apply care, compassion, and love to every single person that we interact with. 

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