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The DCE Major: Resources for DCEs

Basic information regarding what a DCE major is.

Books and eBooks



  • Fan Club
    • Everyone pairs off into 2 people
    • They play rock, paper, scissors against each other
    • Whoever loses cheers on their winner with someone else who won
    • Eventually all of the students who lost cheer on other opponents until there is one victor
  • Honey If You Love Me
  • Never Have I Ever
    • Have students stand in a circle (if it is a large group, divide by grade level)
    • Each person has to take off their shoes
    • One person puts their shoes outside the circle and stands in the middle
    • They introduce themself and say something that they have never done
    • If the students have done it, they find empty spots where shoes are and stands behind them
    • The one person who doesn't get to the shoes is the new person in the middle
    • The same person can only go twice, then they choose someone who hasn't gone


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